Hillcrest introduces new Bible App

We are excited to announce that Hillcrest is now offering our church integration into the Bible app. Click here to be taken there. Within the Bible app, list Hillcrest as your church under the “my church” feature. By doing this, you will be able to view upcoming services and events, service and bible study times, and more. You will also be notified of any Bible study or reading plan we recommend.
The YouVersion Bible App, started by Pastor Bobby Gruenewald of Life Church in Oklahoma, has become a popular method of Bible reading over the last decade. Almost everyone has the Bible app downloaded on their phone, and many individuals leave their hard copy Bible behind when attending worship services and Bible studies; they choose to use only their phone or tablet with the Bible app on it.
Though we recommend bringing a hard-copy Bible with you to worship, the Bible app can really come in handy sometimes. A hard-copy, tangible Bible can keep you accountable to stay in the Word, allows you to take written annotations and can leave you with a sense of chronology. Using a hard-copy Bible can challenge you to memorize the order of the canon, since you’re only other alternative would be to look up page numbers to follow along–and that’s never convenient. A tangible Bible can challenge you and keep you in the Word. Convenience is not always best.
But, there is a time for convenience! Depending on how you function, a digital experience like this one may motivate you and challenge you to grow in your walk with Jesus. And the Bible App provides such a wonderful service we’d love for you to consider. In our modern, technological world, softwares and systems like this gem are not often free. Within the Bible app, you can digitally highlight and make personalized notes, try out Bible study plans, digitally ascribe your ever-changing prayer list and more. The social aspect of the app allows users to share their favorite scripture text or highlighted verses. There is also a privacy feature to turn off the social capabilities, if preferred.
We pray this new feature can motivate you to stay plugged into the Word of God, grow in your walk with Jesus, and keep involved at your local church.