Wherever & whoever you are, WE WANT YOU to know that Jesus loves you & so do we! Adolescence is challenging, and WE WANT YOU to thrive in this formative life-stage. WE WANT YOU to gather with us for Bible study, worship, prayer, & encouragement. WE WANT YOU to grow by knowing who God is & experiencing what he does. WE WANT YOU to give by serving others & being part of something bigger than you. WE WANT YOU to go & lead other people to follow Jesus too.
  • Sundays @ 9 am = CONNECT: Bible study grouped by gender & grade (6-12) in our Student Building.
  • Wednesdays @ 6 pm = ENGAGE: our mid-week worship serve geared just for students in our Student Building.
  Parents, WE WANT YOU to know that we’re here for you! You are the #1 influence in your student’s life, and we want to partner with & equip you to lead them to follow Jesus. We look forward to getting to know you & serving your family the best way we can.
Text @hb-student to 81010